Yoga Swing Expierience Mary Berkovic

Aerial Yoga Instructor in Denver, Stany Zjednoczone

Yoga Swing Expierience Mary Berkovic

Aerial Yoga Instructor in Denver, Stany Zjednoczone

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I am a aerial yoga instructor currently living in Denver, Stany Zjednoczone.

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What Is Antigravity Yoga?

Antigravity yoga is an ideal approach to burning calories and can be as moderate or tough as you like. Antigravity yoga is typically performed with a yoga swing, which you can set up at a gym or in your own home very easily. You burn calories by using your muscles while you are airborne, executing poses in a single setting. Antigravity yoga can develop toned, lean muscles, which can take the place of body fat that gets burned offduring the practice.

Antigravity yog aoriginates from a style developed by respected Indian yogi BKS Iyengar. Iyengar practiced poses with ropes connected to brackets ina wall while suspended in mid-air.

Antigravity Yoga Swing

Aerial or antigravity yoga is performed on a yoga swing that is typically manufactured from the same fabrics found in hammocks. The material is flexible and some yoga swings come with cushions for your lower back, which can behelpful when you are inverted or sitting in the swing. Antigravity yoga that helps you through numerous yoga poses utilizes several weight-loss techniques used in Pilates, aerial arts, and gymnastics. The swing assists you with your yoga poses, allowing you to decidehow demanding or therapeutic your practice is.

Advantages of Antigravity Yoga

Antigravity yoga is ideal for building and increasing your core strength and practicing assisted inversions. Your body will develop more elasticity as well as lower and upper body strength. If you opt for using a more dynamic approach, you will burn more fat and calories as you exercise, as muscle takes the place of extra fat. An additional advantage of antigravity yoga is enhancedbody awareness, which will assist you in maintaining your form duringpractice.


While antigravity yoga is an efficient approach to burning calories, it’s not for everyone. Contraindications for antigravity yoga involve glaucoma, pregnancy, heart disease, recent surgery, easy onset vertigo, very low or high blood pressure, recent head injury, bone/osteoporosis weakness, penchant for fainting, cerebralsclerosis, extreme arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, hiatal hernia,head cold or sinusitis, recent stroke, acute discogenic disease ordisc herniation, radiculitis inflammation of nerve root in spine, andartificial hips.

Try to refrain from participating in antigravity yoga exercises if you’ve had Botox i