Calum Dickson

i'd usually start by saying my name.. but i'm pretty sure that's in bold further up? if not, oh well, make a name up for me. i'm fifteen, love shopping and food. hate to be a cliche but family and friends are so important to me. music is also high up in my list of priorities. i love most stuff really! i have quite weird outbursts, and i'm not scared to make a fool out of myself in public. i love any word to do with the wonderful genitalia, they're all hilarious! i despise science with a passion, i love languages and i don't mind a bit of history on the side. judgmental people can just go and die somewhere, i am who i am and there's no changing me. i'm quite the lad to be honest (not really). i lie a lot too, not about anything big, just about small stupid things to wind people up, i'm just a fucking little bitch eh? i love nicki minaj, partly because of her voice and partly because her name rhymes with vag! cher lloyd pisses me off.. but enough with the mainstream music, i love cute is what we aim for and panic! at the disco with an epic passion. crystal castles are the sex too. my dream at this moment is to buy a shit load of marvel comic magazines and cover one of my walls with them, that'd be so hot. and i rally want scaffolding in one of my ears too, mmm yum. but my pain tolerance is awful so it'd probably people and absolutely shit idea. i've never broke a bone in my life, why that's relevant i don't know but oh well. probably because i amn't the sportiest of people out there. i prefer to eat. that's all for now. if you want to know more about me, follow me on twitter: or add me on facebook: speak soon bitches!