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Antique marks is a wonderful website for anyone interested in antique collecting. Whatever your area of interest, whether it is pottery, china, coins, clocks furniture or silverware, Antique Marks has all the information you need, including identification, care and guides to buying and selling your antiques.

Completely free, this treasure trove of information allows you to find historical information on any type of antique you want. Look up the various brands, identify your own items or ones you are seeking out, including interpreting manufacturers marks, date marks and so forth to be fully informed at all times.

You can search by type or period, and quickly find the information you need about that attic find, inherited piece or future collection. Because all of this information is available to you now, completely free, it is without doubt the best place to find out everything you need to know about the antiques in your life.

Be fully informed on all aspects of antiques to make sure you know exactly what it is you have in your possession or are looking to purchase. This helps you avoid expensive mistakes, either selling too cheaply or buying too high. Antique marks can save you money and make you money because knowledge is king.

Never be in doubt again, always know what you have, what you are looking at and what it really is. This wonderful resource is easy to use and search and is entirely free to use.