Maysun Ali

Who I Am/ Purpose

This blog was created to satisfy the requirements of my Digital Storytelling course. All of the content on this blog are assignments done with the intention of receiving a grade. This blog is also for the enjoyment of the reader as they join me on the journey of exploring the multi-layered art of Digital Storytelling. However, due to purpose of this blog, I would recommend not to copy or duplicate any of the information on this blog for personal use.

Responsibility and Accountability

All information, ideas, thoughts and opinions written on my blog are mine and mine alone, unless I specify that they are someone else’s. All names on my blog have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals being written about if and when I just so happen to write about an individual from my life.

Honesty and Integrity

I will do my utmost to share information on my blog responsibly by attributing all information outside of my property with proper citation to its original source and by respecting the guidelines and uses of copyrighted work if and when I utilize them by receiving permission or not using them at all. This blog will not be utilized as a source of advertisement, therefore, all advertisements that may happen to appear on my blog is due to the website alone and has no affiliation with me personally or the content of my blog.

Respecting Yourself and Other

I expect the comments on my blog to be civilized and cordial. While I do encourage commentators the use of free speech, I expect the use of no foul language and or offensive words. Any language use that violates the moral code of cordiality will immediately be deleted. I may not be able to respond to comments as promptly as I would like due to the time constraints of my life, but I do intend on engaging comments if need be. Please be respectful, considerate and cognizant of the feelings of others because there will be zero tolerance for offensive comments.

Maintaining an Open Mind

While I do have a strict policy with offensive comments, I want to be clear that challenging the views of another person’s perspective is not offensive. I would like all readers to maintain an open mind whilst perusing the contents of my blog and or the comments on a post. Maintain an open mind and the proper balance between what is offensive and what is merely a different point of view.