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Antique Shop Girl

I'm just a girl with an antique shop....rescuer of all things old....keeping alive the beauty & history of centuries PAST through each item I find & sell in the PRESENT.

* I've been collecting, buying & selling antiques for over 25 years. I own a quintessential, seasonal brick & mortar shop in New England & have two shops on Etsy: "Antique Shop Girl" which is my vintage shop, & "Pretty Agnes" which sells charming hand stamped silverware & gifts. My blog is a collection of short stories about my experiences & adventures running all three! I'd be honored if you followed along.

* The world of antiques is all about what remains of another’s journey….mere objects that tell the individual histories of those who came before us. We have much to learn from antiquities left behind; not only can they fill our homes with décor rich in the beauty of times past, but they can also influence our own lives in the present if we let them speak to us. An old story resonates in every antique I find & I feel it is my job to tell it somehow, either by how I chose to use the piece to suit our current times, and/or by writing about how its message has inpsired me personally. My heart is happy knowing an original owner's belongings are still here being used & loved, albeit a bit differently, & that the stories they hold within are being kept alive for generations to come.

* Click on the links below to view my Etsy stores & see more. Feel free to browse and shop if you'd like! Enjoy your visit & thanks for stopping by! Click on the last link to continue reading my blog, "The Adventures of Antique Shop Girl."