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Antje Behrens

Antje Behrens

Dr. Antje (Ann) Behrens has devoted three decades to the challenges of marketing, communications, customer relations and process improvement for businesses and clients ranging from global giants such as Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen, to small start-ups. In a rich and varied career, she has been a corporate communicator and marketer, a strategic planning, business process and communications consultant, a radio editor and journalist, and an academic researcher and a faculty member, working in both Western Europe and China. She brings a variety of language skills to her work, with substantial experience teaching and writing in three different languages (English, German and Danish) as well as working knowledge of Spanish and basic knowledge of Mandarin Chinese.

Ann holds a master’s degree in sociology and a Ph.D. in corporate communications from the Free University of Berlin, Germany. She serves as an examiner for the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Hamburg, Germany. Her non-professional interests include sailing; she holds a certificate corresponding to the British Royal Yachting Association’s “Yachtmaster Ocean” designation, and as a volunteer sailing trainer, passes on her passion for sailing to new generations of sailors.

  • Education
    • Free University of Berlin