Anthony Jones

Birmingham, Uk

Once I was caught in a well in Africa while the locals threw steaming piles of Rhino poo on me. Then I realised it was worse than that and I in fact lived in England working in Marketing....

...anyway. I digress.

I'm a writer of comics, short stories and screenplays (as you may have guessed if you haven't already fallen asleep). I've written Indy comics in the UK for a number of years and more recently I've had a few projects with Shiftylook, Aranim and Arcana.

aaand...what else do you want to know?

I've travelled around the world, literally. I've pitched comics from locations as bizzare as Easter Island, Everest Base Camp and I pay my bills as a Marketing consultant which allows me to write AND retain most of my soul (creatively speaking). I ski, climb, surf, practise Krav Maga and i'm intending to do a trip from the North Pole to Antarctica in 2014-2015.

I am also a geek.

Start Trek (TOS), Babylon 5, Ultraviolet (British TV Series) and The Wire are the shows that most influenced me.