Antler Farms

Antler Farms produces the best deer antler velvet in the world. Our deer antler velvet spray is the purest, cleanest on the market. All of our deer antler supplements are antibiotic free, growth hormone free, and routinely screened for disease, chemical, & agricultural contaminants. Antler Farms only use the best components to produce the strongest deer antler velvet available. We are the only deer antler velvet producer that excludes the inferior base and bottom segments of "whole stick" antler in our capsules. Our deer antler extract is made with a proprietary process that yields an unmatched 75:1 extraction ratio.

The high concentration of active ingredients means our deer velvet will give you faster results, more improvements and increased benefits. Our deer antler velvet is collected ethically and humanely. No deer are harmed or killed to make our products.Last but not least, our deer antler spray products are a completely safe, all natural, well tolerated dietary supplement.