Anto Janković

Project Manager and Consultant in Podgorica, Montenegro

Anto Janković

Project Manager and Consultant in Podgorica, Montenegro

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Born on the same day as Bill Gates and Eros Ramazzotti, but in 1977. Double scorpio! "Strong will power is what outstands the scorpio. They hate to be defeated. Scorpions are straight forward, they will never compliment unless they are amazed by it. Loyalty is the best word that defines this person".

Social entrepreneur by his soul, passionate in promoting community development and economic growth.

Active in development of social entrepreneurship, green economy, sustainable development, philanthropy and CSR. Consultant for investment opportunities and business development. Manager of several IPA projects...

Consultancy experience: financial investments, investment analysis, business planning, strategic planning, marketing, organizational development,advocacy and lobbying.

Media experience: Founding director ofMina/Montena Business news agencies(2001-2003); founder of; reporter for Greek magazine Anima (2001-2002); author of two reports on Montenegro (World INvestment news) published in Forbes Global and French L`Express.

Political experience: electoral monitoring (founder of Center for Democratic Transition); member of Liberal Alliance of Montenegro until 1998; member of Social Democratic Party of Montenegro between 1998 and July 2006 (Central Committee and Secretariat for international relations). One of few responsible persons for winning Constitutional Court process in 1998/9 for student pluralism in Montenegro. Member of the Coordination Board of Green action, a broad advocacy campaign in Montenegro for political and economic reforms in 2003, funded by USAID.

Professional interests: social entrepreneurship, civic activism,green economy,philanthropy, CSR...

Personal interests: sports, cars, reading, photography, spiritual development.

Education: Economist (entrepreneurship & business) - B.S.B.A.

Communicative, open for new challenges, individual and team worker...