Sanja Petrovic

Belgrade Serbia

Personal data:

Date of birth: Belgrade 26.11.1984.
Hair color: black
Eye color: black
Height: 165cm
Weight: 49kg
Education, "Academy of Arts" Belgrade
Class: Mirjana Karanovic

The lessons of the study:

- "Romeo and Juliet," William Shakespeare, Julius roles
- "Iphigenia in Aulis" by Euripides, ancient tragedy, the role of Iphigenia
- "The Glass Menagerie," Tennessee Williams, the role of Lore
- "Grieving Family 'Branislav Nusic, the role of Gina
- "Twelfth Night," William Shakespeare, the role of Viola
- "Mrs. Minister" Branislav Nusic, role Hinges
-A number of student films and performances of different types.

Work experience:

-The show "boldly Girls" Directed by: Mirjana Karanovic, "Bojan Stupica" JDP role Deidre
-Play "soup canary" Director: Mirjana Karanovic, Mladeovac center for culture, the role of Helen.
-The play "Moliere-Another Life" Director: Dusan Jovanovic JDP
- "Tango Eternity" Director: Sonja Vukicevic (50 years of Sterijino Pozorje) Serbian National Theatre
-Play "Ball" Directed by: Alexander Svabic, Bosko Buha (evening scenes)
-Show "Big Brother" Director: Filip Gajic KPGT
-Play "Mascara" Director: Sasa Gabric KPGT
-Play "Richard III" Directed by: Ljubisa Ristic KPGT
-Plays "Cursing the audience" Directed by: Ljubisa Ristic KPGT
Performance-"From among us-" Director: Iva Milosevic
-The play "Stop" Director: Iva Milosevic
-Play "strange stars" Director: Radmila Plecas, the Theatre 78
-Play "captured sunshine" Director: Radmila Plecas, the Theatre 78
Theatre-"Pan" Theatre (played in several children's show)

TV, Film, Radio:
Feature-film "Montevideo God Bless You" Director: Dragan Bjelogrlic, role Spomenka
-TV series "Women from Dedinje" babysitting role
TV-series "Blood is thicker than water" Directed by: Enver Puska, the role of Dragonfly
Feature-film "Flirting" (Omnibus) Director: Nikola Misic, M. Sevic
Feature-film "The Myth of Sisyphus" Director: Filip Gajic, the role of the Amazons


Rhythmic gymnastics, archery, skiing, English and Russian . 5yrs lead drama studio for children "Harlequin-Burlesque."