Anthony Francis

Raised in a religious Roman Catholic family, Anthony Francis (Anto) had the innate tendency to respect his fellow beings. He strongly believed that understanding the sorrows of the people living around is more important than being a pronounced religious follower. Along with his compassion for the poor and the needy, he realized the significance of education. In the year 2005, he joined a Catholic monastery in Bangalore to become a religious monk. He graduated in Philosophy from De Sales University, Philadelphia and obtained his Bachelor's Degree in English from Bangalore University.

Though he always cherished a dream to become a monk, destiny had a different mission for him in its store. He quit the monastery in 2009 and served as a teacher to educate the poor in a village in the district of Trichy in Tamil Nadu. Along with his job, he continued his education. He secured his Masters Degree in English in 2012 and Diploma in Journalism in 2013. To decorate his passion for social service, he enrolled for MSW in the same year and completed it in 2014.

Within the short span of time in his life so far, he served as teacher in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, as social worker in Maharashtra and Goa, as journalist, as an editor and as a Customer cum Technical support. To him, experiences from various fields of industry and societies are as important as the breathing air. Once in an interview, a reporter asked him, 'Sir, what do you think is more important in one's life? His humble replay was 'To be a human and nothing but a human'.