Antonio Hernandez

- I am Panamanian , born in Panama City , Graphic Design student , good person , Friendly, Respectful , quiet, with gifts of joy and rarity at the time , wanting to beat me in life, move forward in this country without asking something someone.

- I like the Comics , Japanese Mangas , Reading books , listening to music in free time | Pop | Rock Alternative | Electronic | Jazz | Blues | Reggae roast |

- Usually draw in my spare time my hobby oil faces Bookmark and my refuge .

- If you want to know more about me just ask .

- Amateur Photographer and I 'm like Capture the spirit of a place or person , real or imagined , in my photography. Transciendo common existence as his spirit flies to find what I'm capturing . Well, I like to use any instrument.
Do not know about you , but I found its beauty photographs I produce deep emotions , whether of awe , admiration , contemplation, I guess.

- Today is so easy to take pictures , we can do with cell phones , webcams of our laptops , video cameras and even cameras $ 20 Rockweel reflection is timely help to understand so many people and I wonder (for just in case ) if you have some critical writing on photography.