Antoine Bean

Hamilton, Bermuda

More than six years ago, I began to formulate an idea to help counteract the growing issues effecting Bermuda’s male population. These issues are vast and varied and manifest into many of the social problems we are dealing with today. I found that there was a growing number of men facing incarceration and recidivism, violence, substance abuse and homelessness. I found common impediments among this male population. They were dealing with lack of employment and poor education; struggling with past and present abuses that included emotional, physical and sexual abuse; there was a lack of family structure and clear signs of generational trauma. My findings solidified my belief that men needed a haven, a place that provided them with guidance, support and the opportunity to change their lives.

On December 9, 2013 I saw my idea become reality as House of Unity and Self-Empowerment (H.O.U.S.E.) became a registered charity. Providing access to education and broader opportunities within society, the organization aims to provide men with positive and empowering resources to assist them in becoming successful, responsible, accountable members of society.

  • Work
    • HOUSE Men's Resource Centre
  • Education
    • Whitney Institute
    • St. George's Secondary School
    • St. George's Prepratory