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Antoine Ravin

photo, squash, and cooking in London

After a 5 years program in Engineering school - Specialization in Information System Management and Finance - Graduation in July 2011 - I've been working in Banking Systems.

In April 2012 a job opportunity came up which I took. I left France and came over to London and start a new adventure. Now working for a company providing Web based solutions for Shipping industry which I joined through the VIE Scheme.

Basically I am a world lover as new experiences abroad are always a new challenge for me - who will I meet, how can I adapt to a new situation, how things work around here, who are those people here... ?

International experiences I had until now simply make me realized I want to discover the world and learn about people, their behaviour and culture.

  • Work
    • UX & UI Manager
  • Education
    • Engineering School - Information System Management & Finance