Antoine Gagnon

As a kid, Antoine had a passion for comics (mostly french comics such as Astérix, Tintin, Spirou, Gaston Lagaffe, etc.) and as soon as he was able to hold a pen, he spent his spare time redrawing his favorite characters over and over. He even created his own characters as a kid called “The Crockroches”, which were ugly furry things. The content was some sort of a spoof of the Smurfs. Once in College, Antoine got introduced to a VERY talented artist, Alexandre Racine, who became one of his very best friends. Alex ended up having contracts with Dark Horse Comics (unfortunately for the entire world, Alex died of cancer at the age of 27). After seeing the talent Alex had, Antoine got discouraged and dropped the pencils and never wanted to draw again, or so he thought…After making some spoof animations of South Park (making parodies of his own friends), Antoine was looking for a better challenge. It was in September 2008 when Antoine started to doodle his friends for fun and he decided to start his own comic, for fun. But knowing himself as a lazy son of a gun, he decided to launch the comic on the web at the same time in order to give him more motivation to pursue and more specifically, share his own improvement with the entire community.


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