Antoine Guntalilib

I grew up with a strict mom and a social dad. Maybe that's where I get my leadership and people skills from. I have a 5 year old sister that teaches me how to be a kid again, and 2 dogs named Boomer and Rypien that keeps me on my toes. I am currently attending BC Institute of Technology taking Professional Sales and I am the Director for Sports Marketing at BCIT Marketing Association. Life pretty busy as of late and time has become very important to me. The biggest lesson in life I have come up with so far is that time is a valuable tool. Being a student, a brother and a father of 2 dogs is a juggle on its own right. My passion for travel and culture has taught me many things about the world we live in. There is nothing better than meeting new people and building relationships that last. I am open to challenges and take on new projects to elevate my skill set that I have acquired throughout my experiences. When there is a target, I aim for it. When there isn't one, I make one up. I am stubborn, but in a good way, and at the end of the day, I make sure people are satisfied.