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Making your very own brand is a daunting and pain staking tasks. Yet, I am doing it anyways. I figured I do not have anything better to do with my free time. Besides that, it is never a bad thing when increasing positive productivity. I will invent until I can invent no more.

The "Love Interest Project" is a social experiment that details using social media in order to create a brand name. The name truly has no meaning at all. The name does allow room for improvement. With that in mind all I need is the help of a growing audience to see how buzz is being creates through social media.

There is currently a complete line up of ideas being brought to the project. A list of everything involved in the "Love Interest Project" is as followed:


Podcast: Love & Interest: K.I.S.S (Google and Apple podcast)

E-books: How to retire WELL (more to come)

I am also enlisting all of my social media accounts to endorse this project. This is the best way to reach out to others and get the feedback I desire. Feedback is important to me. I do not know how you think without your feedback.

I created the "Love Interest Project" as a chance to show a more creative side of myself. I have always had a unique imagination. I would like to pass on my imagination and earn some needed experience in the process. In order to gain such experience I created a social experiment. All are welcome to participate.

K.I.S.S. stands for "keep it simple and stupid". This is the personal motto I live by and hoping to spread the idea.

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    • MBA in Accounting (Keller Graduate School of Management)