Antoinette White

A Twelve Year Record of Achievement in High Powered Business Environments

I began my career in the dynamic atmosphere of Washington, DC – beginning as a Receptionist at an upscale Radisson hotel. After spending an additional year in the marketing department of a telecommunications corporation, I was recruited as an Executive Assistant for one of the top real estate appraisers in the area. If you are looking for someone who can perform at the very highest level with minimal supervision, I am your person.

Strong, Diverse and Relevant Business Skills

Over the years, I have worked in different industries, sector and managed to juggle school as a fulltime student. I am a professional with a multi-disciplined nature, strong communication skills, and the ability to shift gears and immerse in the next priority.

A Passion for Making A Positive Difference
When I take on a job, it is not enough for me to do an “acceptable” level of work. I strive for excellence. My key philosophy is to be a crew member that shows unity, perseverance, and being a problem solver.

  • Education
    • Southern Connecticut State University
    • English
    • Technical and Professional Writing