Anton Molina

202, Road 1, Pag-asa, Quezon City

"I will always be the good guy, no matter what"

-Anton Molina

What I like/What I do/Who I am: I the type of guy who likes watching anime (Naruto, Sword Art Online), cartoons, movies, and youtube videos. I am also a huge comic book fan, mostly in terms of the Marvel franchise. I am also learnning to play the guitar, trying to learn fingerstyle. I'm into music and listen to original soundtracks of movies. I'm also an avid gamer, I try my best to play games of different genres and consoles to be a true gamer (not biased to any gaming system or genre). I also have a hobby of drawing (I even have concept arts for video games and an anime I made up). Oh yeah, I am a novice (nearing regular) Cosplayer and I am not ashamed of it. So basically, I am a really unusual guy.

Job: Been jumping around on that lately. I wish to one day become a Video Game Designer and create games with amazing scenery and graphics, as well as to create game storylines. I also aspire to become an animator and officially create the anime my head has cooked up. In a more embarrasing note, I also want to create my own youtube channel (one with actual videos) and be like PewDiePie. In the end, I want a job were I will be able to help or inspire others to follow their own dreams as I am following mine.

Relationship Status: I have a girlfriend


Phone Number: 09986345085

  • Education
    • Ateneo De Manila High School