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Anton Quirgst

Deutsch Wagram close to Vienna

I was born in Vienna, raised in a middle class family - went to school. Finished High School - (it is called Matura in Austria or Abitur in Germany) and then went to university. I was initially interested in acting but never pursued this dream efficiently instead chose to try to do something more conventional. So I studied physics and philosophy in Vienna. I did not succeed or attend university and instead went to a "Fachhochschule" -(a different kind of university) to study electronics. I didn't succeed either and went to make a college for renewable energy which i finished successfully. After a brief and short attendance of the university of technology to try once again to study physics and technical mathematics I became a ski instructor, mainly for children!

I recently bought a microphone and a keyboard and also started to play the guitar two years ago! During my time in highschool I also started to read extensively and mainly poetry: I read the german expressionists and also wrote about a thousand poems... most of them terrible some of them still good. I also tried to enroll at the film academy in austria but they did not take me: I also tried to do some art especially drawings and some paintings in pastel. Recently I tried to expand myself into digital art using Photoshop! This is also where I created that logo.

Part of my work is shown on my homepage and my youtubechannel!

Not to forget: I also got a girlfriend and became a father of a beautiful young boy named Rüdiger!

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