Anton Watson

On the Football Field

Go, Go, Go, Get it !

Im tonn, and my life consist of grinding, football and preparing for my future. Im 19 years old, single and im about getting things done right, fast, and never quit. In august, i will be leaving to move to florida to play football for UCF, University Of Central Florida. Football is my passion, i first picked a football up when i was 5 years old and ever since then i been ripping and running up and down the field. Outside of football if that does not work out, i have been in and out of the recruiting station to become a US NAVY SEAL!! The reason being is because i like to fight and im really good at hitting moving objects with my Rifle. Being in the NAVY will not only teach me how to be a better man, it also will take me many exotic places i never been. But whatever i do in life, just know i WILL be RIch and Famous.