Anton Dabbs

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

Anton Dabbs is a proud father, dog lover and activist for animal rights, and is also the owner of a Vizla and a Rat Terrier. Anton has lived Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Washington, and Alamo, Texas. He now lives in Minneapolis, MN. In his free time Anton appreciates cars and motorcycles, as well as being outdoors.

Anton Dabbs has an entrepreneurial spirit, a strong work ethic, and is business savvy. After twenty years as an ASE master technician, Dabbs began to look beyond the mechanic’s world for new business opportunities. These new opportunities were specifically within the automotive industry. Dabbs experience led him to work as an inspector for extended warranty companies verifying the condition of vehicles prior to repair. Dabbs first big venture was the Lemon Squad. He started Lemon Squad in 2007. A used car inspection service, and initially a small, one-man operation, Lemon Squad soon extended to employ inspectors in every metro area in the continental US. Later expansion took Lemon Squad into Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, and Puerto Rico. Recently, Anton has sold Lemon Squad to concentrate on his role as CEO of Dabbs Holding LLC. Primarily focusing on start-ups within the automotive industry, Dabbs is in the position of consulting, mentorship and grooming, helping small businesses follow in his footsteps from humble beginnings to multi million dollar, nationwide ventures.

Dabbs’s interest of business building and entrepreneurialism has grown. Future opportunities will expand upon his background in the inspection industry as he rolls out the plans for a residential home inspection service. combines Anton’s extensive experience in the area of professional inspections with the business acumen that allows him to manage and develop a large, nationwide organization. For more information on this endeavor, please visit

Anton Dabbs also enjoys photography. Cars and motorcycles have been his lifelong interests, but his love of all things vintage has also inspired him to think about architecture and antiques. Dabbs is available for shoots and a selection of his photos can be viewed online at

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    • CEO at Dabbs Holding, LLC