Doña Marina

Hello, I am Doña Marina. I am also known as La Malinche.I lived during the conquest of the Aztecs. I was born around 1500 in what is known today as Mexico. I was a daughter to a noble family. One day, my father died and my mother remarried and had a son. My mother decided that her son should have, not me the lands of my father so one day she sold me to a couple of mayan merchants as a slave and told everyone I had died. It was horrible and she should not have done it. Even though I suffered I forgave them later. Eventually, I wound up as a slave for the cacique (a military cheif) of Tabasco. Later I was offered as a slave to Hernàn Cortèz with 20 other women in 1519. I had no choice in the matter. I was also bapitized. Historians do not know how old I was when I was bapitized. I helped to translate the language of the Aztecs to Hernàn Cortèz.I also translated the negotiations between the Tlaxclans and the Spanish. They agreed to work together because the Tlaxclans wanted to be free from aztec rule because the aztecs demanded tribute and people to sacrifice. Soon he trusted me and refused other women to help him. I was very happy because of that. I also helped avoid lots of bloodshed and violence because I think violence and bloodshed is wrong. I also survived many things like the massacre of Indians in Cholula and the conquest of Tenchotitlan. I gave birth to a son called Don Martin Cortèz and the father was Hernàn Cortèz. My son was the first recognized mestizo. I worried about him for a time because he rose into a position in the goverment but in 1548 he was accused of conspiracy against the Viceroy and he was tortured and executed. Later Cortèz said that the Spanish owned the conquest to God and me. Cortèz already had a wife in Spain so he had me marry Don Juan Jaramillo in 1524. I begot Juan a girl named Marìa. Around 1527 I died. Historians did not know how I died. There is a rumor that my husband strangled me. I was probably around 25 years old. I am still hated by many in Mexico and today the word malinchista is used to describe a person who loves foriengers or a tratior. Some Mexican feminists say that I am the fault of the high rates of infiedelity and domestic violence in Mexico. Historians think that I was not responsible for the Spanish conquest. The Spanish appetite for gold, the smallpox epidemic and the military superiority were major roles. This does not change how mexicans feel about me.The opinion will change over time.