Anton👊The Energy Coach👊 Guinea

Public Speaker and Small Business Owner in Queensland, Australia

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I am a purpose driven, goal evangelist and blessed with a keen constructed understanding of my inner self and its calling to service like minded - stratospheric achievers. Living an extraordinary existence, with daily experiences of magic moments, is a personal mission!

My values are aligned and embossed as follows: family, fitness and finances, in that order. I bring these forward in my work as a performance coach and an author of multiple books -on the development of fulfilling interpersonal relationships that serve each other and your wider networks!

As a committed ironman triathlete- my understanding of the inner battle of sacrifice driven personal growth is paramount to my life’s journey and philosophy. I am proud of my athletic achievements and feel blessed to motivate others to achieve the same results!

From being nearly killed at work at the age of 21, to three mid-life transitions, my life exploration process has been a challenging one, but one that has created the deep seeded belief that ‘you really do only live once – don’t deny your greatness and the blessing of trying over and over again’!

I carry the joy of being Australian. I take great action and pride being a father and a husband of over 21 years to a beautifully conscience woman. Out union's greatest achievements are our two wonderful sons, Toby and Zac, who make us proud daily.

My greatest strength is my high volume, unbound to purpose and cause, set to the max- energy level. My blood is used for jet fuel. Pumped to go forward in life! ☛ Get your free copy of my book “Leadership Driven Workshops”