Antoni Nowakowski

Hi to you from Ghana. It's not where I live but where I travelled to last Christmas. It's two countries away from Nigeria where I have been for the past six years in the city of Lagos. Live in the stix or the edge of the jungle about an hour from the city if the traffic is not bad, which it can be here. What do I do? Run the Faculty of Creative and Performing Arts at Greensprings International IB School over two large campuses. Oversee Music, Drama, Art, Life Science and PE. Do everything from quality control of teaching and other things like curriculum issues, appraisal and so on. Teach Music in my large, well equipped music suite and also French to IGCSE Cambridge syllabus. Live at Crown Estate on Lekki Peninsula and have nice cosy bungalow with all my arty things in it. Love painting and photography plus travel. Just completed acrylic canvas based on Pop art. Summer of 2012 visited Kenya...Nairobi for ten days and then took the night sleeper train to Mombasa where stayed eleven days doing the sights and taking loads of pics. Mission is to see Africa and experience the cultures of this amazing continent. Am a dad and grandad. Kids all grown up with their own lives and professions. Eldest son personal trainer in London, daughter creative hairdresser in popular central London salon. Another son in Bologna, Italy with Italian wife and young daughter. New baby on the way, will be grandad for fourth time soon. Having great life, enjoying the vibrancy and excitement of this city of Lagos visiting the various eateries which have sprung up and the traditional markets dealing in African crafts. Spend Sundays trekking through the jungle to isolated beach on Atlantic coast. Do photography on the way. Am compiling album of pics to send to photo agents. Just finished writing latest travel article on an aspect of my holiday in Kenya and have written thirty three thousand words of a book which I am working on. Not finished yet because need to write about eighty thousand. Have written almost one hundred prose/poems about all aspects of life. Connect with me if you want and share yourself.