Antonia Audrina Marcella

Designer in England

Antonia Audrina Marcella

Designer in England

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I'm a British designer and writer of things at modern sustainable fashion company

"Be the change you wish to see in the world", that's how the saying goes right? So that's exactly what I had in mind when I created

I started my company as a way to support an under-served petite fashion industry and to help improve an industry I felt was lacking in authenticity. How? By making a choice to only use excess stock from current fashion houses, organic and sustainable or recycled materials and have everything made ethically and priced fairly. I don't think luxury means no one should be able to afford it but rather luxury should mean it was made in the best possible way with the best materials and that's what I tend to do at The Complemental.

I invite you to join me on this new journey and please visit the website and sign up to find out when we launch. A small act of sharing the page and following me on Instagram- really is how you can help a small company, achieve some big goals.

Past achievements:

In 2012 I created a project that dabbled with the idea of revolutionizing the way information is handed out to students and post grads. It was called Big Fish Red Ribbon. I plan to continue this project someday in my free time as it is still something I am passionate about. I believe this can be turned into something bigger and better with community support. Watch this space for updates.

Lets save the world one idea at a time shall we darling?


As well as a designer, creative and content writer and strategist I am also a proud follower of Jesus Christ. I must say he's pretty awesome.

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