Antonia Issa

Vancouver, Canada

Antonia Issa

Vancouver, Canada


Antonia Issa is a Communications and Strategic Development professional with a specialization in Corporate Social Responsibility.

Her personal career goal is to promote social enterprising, sustainably integrating ethical and responsible business practices into core business strategies. She believes in building businesses with a net-positive impact on communities and the environment.

She is also working to disseminate information and educate people about the importance of net-positive business impacts.

Recent Accomplishments

One of Antonia’s most successful programs, The Green Cooperative, is a national program in Bermuda where she coordinated a collaboration of 6 non-profit enterprises and 3 governmental departments to develop waste management strategies for large-scale public events in Bermuda. Beginning with one 10,000 person event, she led the development of a consumer education campaign, recruited 45 volunteers to assist with a waste audit, and authored a full report on the entire campaign, including success metrics, analysis and recommendations. The report created a benchmark for the comparison of other events and was released publicly, receiving national media coverage. Since then, the Green Cooperative has become an official entity whose members are top decision-makers and activists in Bermuda. It's goal is to help event hosts create zero-waste events within 5 years.

Other Initiatives

Antonia sat on the board of the Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology as their Director of Communications for 2 years, managing a team of volunteers and advocating for the support and mentorship girls and women in STEM. She is also a founding member of Make Possible, a newly developed mentorship program of SCWIST, aimed at supporting women in technology, which received a $280,000 grant from Status of Women Canada.

Educational Summary

Antonia completed an MBA at CEU in Budapest, Hungary, specializing in Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics. Prior, she obtained an honors B.A. in Science and Technology Studies at York University in Toronto, Canada. She also has a diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and has taught in Canada, Hungary and Mexico.

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