Antoni Merino

Filmmaker and Photographer in Murcia, España

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"Antoni Merino (Murcia) is a reference producer on the audiovisual scene. Since 2007 he has been CEO of the producers Dieciseisnueve, DreamCity Entertainment and collaborated with Cuarto Creciente producciones and Monumental Studio starting up audiovisual formats that are audacious and original.
He is the producer of the televisual format 'Explorers' and the full-length feature 'The Return of Elias Urquijo'. Also his work as a producer has taken him to the world of short films where he has collaborated on 'Talking dog for sale, 10 euros' OSCARS 2013 ACADEMY AWARD CONTENDER. Emerging Filmmaker prize the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL 2012 and 'Holden', Best Short award at the Turin Festival 2012."