Russian Dog Wizard

Newport Beach

Renowned throughout the world and known affectionately as The Russian Dog Wizard or Vladae911, Vladae Roytapel practices his legendary canine training techniques through his Southern California-based business, SoCal Dog Training. Hailed as a miracle worker by dog owners of a wide variety of breeds with a host of different behavioral problems, Vladae Roytapel is able to succeed where others have failed. He regularly achieves results in cases thought hopeless by owners and trainers alike.
The grandson of a former Chief Biologist for the USSR, Vladae Roytapel gained early childhood experience with behavioral instruction for animals. While his grandfather conducted Pavlov-type experiments, young Vladae Roytapel observed the animals (wolves, coyotes, and foxes) and his grandfather’s successes and failures in behavior modification.
Proficient in four languages, Vladae Roytapel has made a name for himself largely through his fluency in a fifth, which he calls “Doglish.” Understanding that dogs cannot be expected to communicate the way that humans do, Vladae Roytapel has leveraged years of training and observation to devise a coherent structure and vocabulary through which dogs communicate. By speaking Doglish, the Russian Dog Wizard is able to issue commands in ways dogs clearly understand and then obey. For example, for dog owners with animals who constantly jump up on people, Vladae recommends a deep, loud cry of “AHHHHHGT!” while simultaneously bending over, clapping one’s hands, and freezing in place. According to Vladae’s understanding of Doglish, the act of bending one’s back and freezing signals to the dog that one is about to bite—an action that will surely get any dog’s attention.
Featured on numerous prestigious news programs such as NPR, CNN’s Situation Room, and CBS’ Late Show with David Letterman, Vladae Roytapel serves as a pet columnist for many local and national publications. He also holds the position of Exclusive Pet Expert at Vladae hosts a segment on Animal Radio network, the most-listened-to pet talk radio network in America. Eager to share his knowledge with dog owners around the world, Vladae Roytapel maintains an informative blog at