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Antonio Echeverria

Telecom Professional in Montreal, Québec, Canada

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I think of myself as a builder. Always trying to figure out how things work, taking them apart, then building new ones.

Nature has always amazed me. I find pleasure being outdoors in many ways, whether running, hiking, climbing, canoeing, or just to enjoy great sights and taking photos. With love for nature comes the desire to understand it, to know how it works.

My drive for discovery of nature led me to physics, which in turn led me to electrical engineering, which in turn draw a path for me in the telecom industry. I have made a living as solutions architect and product manager for a number of companies in the areas of IP networking, VoIP and in general IMS-based solutions for network operators - interestingly, that ends up being pretty much algorithms, software.

So, thanks for stopping by. For professional queries best way to contact me is via LinkedIn.

  • Work
    • Telecommunications
  • Education
    • University of Colorado Boulder