Antonio Feliciano

Student and server in Bronx, New York

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Hello, I’m Antonio. I’m a student at WCC living in Bronx, New York. I am a fan of music, photography, and food. I listen to all types of music, mostly hip-hop and r&b. Whenever I have free time I try to spend it in the gym, working out or playing basketball. I'm currently working part-time at Olive Garden as a Server and going to school full-time. I plan to graduate from WCC with a major in Liberal Arts: Social Science. With my degree I can I start my career as firefighter, state trooper, or police officer. My main goal is to become a firefighter after getting my degree. Later on in life I plan to get my bachelors when I find something I'm really passionate about. My favorite hobbies as of right now would be playing basketball and tattoos. My definition of communication would be exchanging/listening to a person's news, views and opinions. I never spoke in public and I'm hoping this class will help me improve my public speaking skills. My fears of public speaking will have to be not being able to explain myself the way I want to. Also the crowd just makes me feel uncomfortable and I'm hoping to overcome these fears during this course.

  • Work
    • Olive Garden
  • Education
    • Westchester Community College