Antonio M. Herrera

My leadership philosophy can be described by summarizing my approach to leadership, I approach it by understanding that we can do far better things together than any one of us can ever achieve individually, and as I write this description of my leadership philosophy, overwhelmingly one concept will permeate all that I do and say, not only as a strategic business partner in human resources, but also as an entrepreneur and a human being. It’s possible for a professional to be a formal authority and a real person simultaneously, and to include this statement of leadership philosophy as part of my bio is truly a pleasure.

I utilize my leadership philosophy through its practical application in assisting me with affecting change from a macro level, which blends into how I make the tough decisions that are incumbent with leadership. For example, I am inherently devoted to the transparency, collegiality, and consensus-building communication. This includes those I may not have a close relationship with and the general public. These characteristics are natural to my outlook that sustainability matters and my interactions with everyone matter, not only are these components that make organizations competitive and sustainable, but also these are the things that make our jobs fun. Incorporating this philosophy in to my leadership style has increased my success as a business partner and internal consultant.

My leadership philosophy can also be expressed by my description of leadership as being something more than simply having followers; it is not a title, and it is not achieved by just following a few principles. Leadership is complex, though at its core, it is having the courage to make the right choices – not just the popular ones, engaging others in a vision, and empowering followers to pursue a shared purpose of achieving a positive, lasting impact. Therefore I ask that you perceive imbedded within my history an inherent tone of consultation, collectivity, and approachability. Peers have consistently noted me as a bright spirit of creativity and inclusion. Listing some additional traits as having a reputation of respecting colleagues, by trusting in team work and being genuinely concerned about their well-being and continued success.