Antonio Cassini

-► Considerable experience as Software Designer / Team Leader in R&D area for Telco technology vendors. Design, development and integration of embedded software packages in real time environments for control network and softswitch.

Team Leader of developer software team
Embedded Software Design & Development
Knowledge of Agile methodologies (Scrum)
Knowledge of SDP methodologies (Waterfall)
Problem Solving
Planning and monitoring
Teamworking attitude
Mentoring skills

--► 20+ years of experience in fitness industry as trainer, coach and fitness Advisor in the most important fitness clubs in Milan and its district. Product presenter, Press reference to main fitness & wellness trade shows in Italy and EU
Kranking® Education Reference (ER) for Italy.
Expert Spinning® Program Trainer c/o several Clubs in Milan
Fitness presenter c/o several Spinning®, Cycling & Kranking® events and fairs in Italy
Deep student of several martial arts and qualified teacher
12+ years Karate Shotokai experience.

Group coaching
Public speaking
Training formats developing
Group Teaching
Team managing
Events presenter & coordinator

--► Extensive experience as researcher and reviewer of music for Spinning®, Indoor Cycling & Fitness. Fitness Music advisor & trend setter. Progressive / Lounge / Chillout DJ in several Clubs in Milan, Italy

Music Software Production and mixing
Web publishing
Electronic music culture