Antonio Fernández

I was born long time ago, 1975, in Betanzos, a wonderful little town in A Coruña (Galicia - Spain). There I grew up and worked until the end of 2002 that I took ​​the decision (for family reasons) of moving to live in Barcelona. But always with the "morriña" (homesick) for our land that characterizes the Galicians.
My professional life has always been related to the world of sales, but in Barcelona where I professionally consolidated and became part of a multinational company leader in its sector. Here I go up through various positions until to achive the Branch Manager position.
I have always been passionate about the world of business and entrepreneur world. Up to now I have not taken the final step, but my head is buzzing a lot of times thinking how to create my own enterprise, so I can not yet define myself as an entrepreneur. Although hopefully not take too long to take the final step.