Antonio Valente

Portugal - Germany

It seems that most of us thrive by making constant progress and feeling a sense of purpose. On a personal level, I enjoy interacting and working with people from other countries and cultures.

My hobbie is about off-road and adventure travelling.

PLY is global industrial innovation company focused in materials and lightweight structures using sustainable proprietary technologies.

Specialties: I've been involved in deep sea AUV, Aircraft manufacturing concepts, integral type of fuselage structures and lightweight construction, for Bus, Rail, Naval and Automotive.

My technical education and work experience, covers, open innovation and product development, BES 2011 Innovation award, Start 2009 Entrepreneurship finalist, Swedish Steel Prize 2005 Honourable mention.

I'm co-inventor in collaboration with Outokumpu Oyj of Opencell(TM) innovative sandwich panel technology, sole inventor of Staklite, HexaCork based core manufacturing method, varioSTIFF for tow-in surfboards, XXL

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  • Education
    • Instituto Superior Técnico
    • Uc Berkeley