antonio barranco


Ey there!!! ¿qué tal?

I´m Antonio Barranco, I´m from Granada, south of Spain.

14 tips about me;

1. Graduated in Business Administration & Market Research and Postgraduated in Marketing & Commercial Management.

2. Love Granada

3. Triathlon is my passion

4. I run 2 marathons and 1 haf Ironman

5. Speak Spanish and English

6. Lived in Amsterdam for 8 months, working for an international publisher

7. Train more than 12 hours per week

8. Every summer I travel to Asia for a friends trip

9. Love to read alone in a park for hours

10. Elected as Vodafone Global Hero

11. More than 700 friends in facebook

12. Beer, dinner, friends... perfect plan.

13. Spend hours with my bike

  • Work
    • Ecommerce Product Manager