Antonio M. Fisher II

Antonio M. Fisher II

Success in life can be found by aggressively pursuing the following four priorities. These are the ones I am working on mastering and then I will master helping other people master them too:

PRESENCE, nothing is greater in this life or the life to come than knowing your creator and experiencing Him on an ever increasing level intimately and daily.

PURPOSE: We were all created to do something unique to our design. Finding your niche in life and doing all to you can to maximize it will bring each of us the most fulfillment and will be of great benefit to others. We must try to leave a legacy that will still have an impact after our time on this planet has expired.

PARTNERSHIP:The best things in life are always shared with other people. So focusing on having great relationships would be the second most important thing in your life next to knowing God. It starts with your parents, siblings , then your spouse and your kids. These are the most important and should have much intentional energy focused on making these relationships amazing. Then touch everybody else with the lessons you learn from those closes to you.

PROVISION: We all have to eat and live which cost money and no matter where you are or what you believe we all need to master obtaining, stewarding and multiplying money. Ultimately our goals should be to be a blessing to our children and to others.