Antonio Franco

Photographer in Liverpool, United Kingdom

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My interest in photography goes back to my childhood. I could spend hours looking at photographs in books, magazines and family albums. There were cameras around in the house as well. My grandfather’s Kodak instant camera was nothing less than a magic black box for me.

As I grew up, photography was just a hobby – until 2006 – when I decided to become a full-time photographer. That decision opened the door to a new life for me. Photography allowed me to travel to new places and meet interesting people.

I have shot a lot since then. Concerts, bands, model portfolios, events, weddings, babies, sports, family portraits, editorial, pets, products, etc. Obviously, I’m not a specialist. I regard myself as a broad spectrum photographer.

In 2014, I moved to Liverpool, UK. where I’m continuing my photographic journey.

I have attended to the following Workshops and Seminars:

– Kodak seminar Introduction to Photography (Venezuela, 1992)

– Fashion Photography Workshop (Alberto Hernandez) (Venezuela, 2008)

– Wedding Photography (Jorge Victoria) (Venezuela, 2010)

– Seminar Light it, Shoot it, Retouch it (Scott Kelby) (U.S.A, 2011)

– Workshop ” The photographer as author” ( Christopher Anderson) (U.S.A, 2011)

– Workshop “Photographing people” ( Eugene Richards) (U.S.A, 2012)

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