Antonio Gallego

manager, Public Speaker, and Software Engineer in Madrid, España

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I have 20 years of experience in different technical and sales roles, mainly IT Consulting and Web/Mobile Application Development, specialized in social aggregation tools, data analytics, gamification and learning systems.

I started my career working as systems engineer for Lambda, a JD Edwards business partner. Afterwars I worked for telco companies, as team developer and project manager. Afterwards I played different roles as CIO and CTO in startup companies. Then I joined IBM to work a long period as IT Consultant and Subject Matter Expert, working for the main companies in Spain.

Then I moved to Compass, where I learned how IT Benchmarking and IT Strategy is well cooked. A new professional experience was brought to me by EMC, where I worked as solution principal for complex projects, covering a vast region from Spain to Southafrica and Middle East. After travelling two years, I returned to Spain and I tested myself in sales as Client Solution Director during 3 years. In the last three years, I worked again for IBM as Senior IT Consultant and played a role in cloud consulting for EMEA South region and I also worked as Sr Field Engineer at Pivotal, working with cloud native apps and cloud platforms and at Red Hat, as OpenShift specialist and leading the specialists team for EMEA region.

Now I work at VMware, leading the team of Tanzu Emerging Solutions Engineers in EMEA region. Tanzu TKG is the enterprise-grade Kubernetes platform, running on-premises and on the cloud.

I have also developed a number of freelance projects, mainly in mobile and social aggregation areas of expertise. Therefore I am also skilled in web backend/frontend systems, UX design and gaming.

The conclussion of my professional career until now: I love to be wrong until I find a solution, to risk everything for a promising project and to learn something new in every moment.

I live in Boadilla del Monte, a small town close to Madrid. I own a small homelab where there are always some cool gadgets. I love to play with electronic music and games, and also biking, when I have some time. Reading and watching movies is my daily oxygen.

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    • VMware
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    • Telecom Engineer @ EUITT