Antonio G. M.

• Analysis of non-linear systems using algebraic methods.

• Sick LIDAR interface with ROS for mobile robot path planning tasks.

• POSIX multi-threading programming.

• Analysis of manipulator kinematic chain by means of screw theory.

• Implementation of face recognition algorithms using SVM neural networks.

• COMAU SmartSix manipulator programming. Trajectory and parallel pro-gramming, task interrupts.

• dsPic μ-controller programming.

• Implementation of various 2-D computer vision algorithms.

• Mobile robot programming with vision system using Lego Mindstorm. Bratislava.

• ABB robot programming. Vienna.

2012 – 2014. EMARO: European Master in Advanced RObotics.
Master in Robotics Engineering (Laurea Magistrale in Robotica).

Language of instruction: English.

GPA (1st year): 92/100

GPA (2ns year): 90/100

2011 – 2013. Bauman Moscow State Technical University - BMSTU
M.Sc. in Automation, specialty in Robotics.

Language of instruction: Russian.
GPA: 4.75/5

2009 – 2011. Bauman Moscow State Technical University - BMSTU
B.E. in Automation and Control.

Language of instruction: Russian.
GPA: 4.4/5

2006 – 2009. People’s Friendship University or Russia - RUDN
B.E. in Machinery Construction. (transferred to BMSTU in 2009)

Language of instruction: Russian.

2003 – 2006 Cochabamba Cooperative School “Calvert”

(NCA, SAC, CASI Accredited) Dual high-school diploma: American Bachelor, Bolivian Bachelor.

Language of instruction: English

Proficient: C / C++, Python, MatLab/Octave, Simulink, Swift, Js, jQuery, CSS, HTML.

Basic knowledge: ROS, V-REP.

Spanish, English, Russian, Italian (basic), German (basic).