Antonio Guadagno

I am a follower of the God of the Angel Armies; the God of Abraham, Moses, and David; who sent His Son to purchase me. What He did is amazing and I can only begin to comprehend it on this side of eternity.

I’m the husband of a hilarious, beautiful woman. She keeps me laughing and happy every day. She and I have also spawned three children who inherited her funny gene, which is good because my corny gene was dominate.

I enjoy typical geek things, like science fiction, horror, fantasy, and superheroes. I love alternate history ideas, video games, and technology. I’m currently programming in a desk job for a large corporation, but am working toward a writing career.

I am well on the way to publishing my first full novel: The Dark Lands: Discoveries and I published my first short story, a prologue to the novel, earlier this year in eBook format. It's called The Dark Lands: Fenced In and you can get it for free here:

Discoveries begins the story of two young friends who love to play soccer in Miami. Terrance is set to propose to his girlfriend, and Paxton takes care of his mother and granny. Neither of them is ready for their lives to be turned upside-down by a pair of Revenant.

Read the prologue for an introduction to these two monsters and an introduction into these Dark Lands.