Antonio M. Guerra

Small Business Owner in Caracas, Venezuela

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I am a Dietitian, Certified Personal Trainer and Performance Specialist. I have a great passion for fitness, nutrition and overall wellness of the human body.

Over 16 years Integrating nutrition services into clinical, home, athletics and community-based health and social networks.

Over 14 years of experience in training individuals in all aspects of human performance including youth, high performance, collegiate, corporate, tactical and professional athletes.

Over 12 years of management experience.

Experience in educating and presenting in a variety of settings.

Experience in research, data collection/analysis, performance testing/screening.

Excellent communication, organization, and leadership skills.

  • Work
    • Utmost Body Shaping
  • Education
    • Florida International University
    • Mercer County Community College
    • Miami Dade College
    • Culver Military Academy