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Antonio Hernandez

Student in San Antonio, Texas

About me

Welcome to my page. Find out some info on me. I’m seventeen years old and I go to highschool at clark. Really awful school, can’t wait to get out. Proud supporter of Donald Trump, may he make America great again! I know some spanish since it was my first language but I know english better as I started learning it early on. I want a job so that I can get money, since that’s something we all need.

Some of my interest include video games and watching tv shows. I also run a meme page on ifunny. The kinds of video games I enjoy the most are platformers, RPG’s, and FPS’. They’re fun. I like to watch a lot of netflix as well. Sometimes I have it on for background noise while I do other things. I run a meme page on this app called ifunny where I post memes and other things. I also like to browse 4chan since its one of the last few places on the internet where you truly have free speech. Also android phones are better than iphones.

I don’t have any social media since I always thought stuff like twitter and facebook were stupid so good luck finding any other info on me.