Derek Davis

Derek Davis, born on October 25, 1993, has lived in Winchester his whole life. He's studying Biology, but wishes to be a Physical therapist when he graduates. His dad, uncles, and grandfather have all played college football, so it's only natural that he's a member of the SU football team. Derek played football and soccer at Millbrook High School, where he was a captain of both teams. Derek also played travel soccer for Winchester United since the age of 8. He believes in staying healthy and staying in shape, both in and out of season. His favorite football team is the Redskins, and Manchester United for soccer. He's never been to a Redskin's, or Manchester United game before, but plans on going next year to see the Redskins and Captains play. When he establishes a job and family, he wants to make a trip to Europe to watch some of world's best soccer teams play. His first stop will be England to see Manchester United play at Old Trafford. He also plans to visit Spain, Italy, and Germany to see more games. Since he was a young kid, Derek dreamed of being on the field, playing for Manchester, but even being in the stadium as a fan would still be an amazing experience.

During his free time, Derek enjoys fishing and being with friends. When he's older he plans to live the hippy lifestyle at the beach and continue to fish everyday.