Antonio J. Navas

PhD . and M.Sc. in Telecommunications Engineering (University of Málaga) specializing in Atmospheric Optical Communications (PhD) and musical signal processing (MSc).

M.Sc. in Open Knowledge and Global Learning (Stanford University).

M.A. in Policies and Practices of Innovation Teaching (University of Málaga)

Degree in music, Piano (Conservatory of Music, Málaga)

Pedagogical Aptitude Certificate - CAP (University of Málaga)

Currently studying a Bachelor Degree in Pedagogy (UNED).

PhD assistant Lecturer (Profesor Ayudante Doctor, in Spanish), PhD Lecturer (Profesor Contratado Doctor) and Private University Lecturer (Profesor de Universidad Privada) issued by the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation of Spain, ANECA (


My current research activity is focused on the wireless optical communications through turbulent atmosphere. My topics of interest include: statistical models for the irradiance fluctuations, Kolmogorov theories, atmospheric channel models and scintillation, atmospheric turbulence, effects of atmospheric correlation on atmospheric ptical links, efficient rate-adaptive transmission techniques, adaptive optics, digital signal processing, geolocation in wireless communications, heterogeneous networks and small cells, musical composition or innovation applied to education, among others.

Marie Curie fellow at Technical University of Denmark since 2015, under the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union.

I have worked for different companies as Guerosa S.L., Vodafone, AIRZONE, and Ericsson

Assistant Professor in the University of Málaga (from 2006 to 2013).

Predoctoral Research Fellowship FPI - Formación de Personal de Investigación - (2004 - 2008)

Co-founder and secretary of Proyecto Magna Política.

More than 20 journal articles indexed in JCR.

4 patents, and many international conferences, books and book chapters.

Three prizes and awards in research.

One literay prize.

Classical music composer: you can find an example of a small fragment of the main theme of one of my works adapted for chorus at: