Antonio Moniaci

I'm a carrier of realistic optimism, analitic developer of "go to market" strategy.

"From the shape in mind, to the first sale", is the claim used by the network of experienced and passionate professionals who support me in the different steps of typical project develpment.

Since we strongly believe in the people, in the future, and also in the magic match of experiences and ideas, we work for equity, in other words in "success fee modality".

We strongly believe in :

- the cross fertilization (industries across practices)

- the replica of best practice with "granu salis"

- in the network, there is always someone better than us... it's important to have him (or her) in your team!

We use to support only projects (not only start-ups) able to guarantee:

- a smart approach (clear mix of Team, Innovation and Market), we use to promptly submit an appropriate screening that usually is the best friend for tuning the preliminary strategy.

-managed by Very Extraordinary People (optimstic, pleasant, specialist,motivated).

In few words, we're "Guardian Angels" (the evolution of business Angels) who are developing a Screening Proprietary Methodology called TIM (team, Innovation, market) SCORECARD able to define the best path, the adequate burn rate and above all, the appropriate mix of HRs.

Clearly, every single step is covered by NDA!

Let's discover your customized SCORECARD in order to understand how to boost your business idea!