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Antonio B. Moses

I am Antonio and I have always had a passion for photography! I think it is possible to find beauty and uniqueness in everybody, everyday, everywhere. I know for myself that I put my heart and soul into my photography because I love photography and it excites me and I look forward to it. I believe that pictures are our way of looking back into our lives and being able to cherish those precious memories over and over again. I think it is important to capture every moment as much as possible because the memories may fade but photographs will last for generations to bring back those cherished moments.

I'm not creative enough to be called an artist or technical enough to be called a photographer. I fall into that gray "space". You know, no attitude, no ego, self taught, self motivated, nothing but passion "space". I make images from my heart, not my camera. That's how I've developed my unique style. Books, classes, manuals, or tutorials aren't going to teach me that. I dig deep into my soul to find it.

I have an eagerness to learn, and great creativity and passion for becoming someone not just through my work but through my will and determination to be all that I know and can be.

I see photography as a way to experience, understand, and explore the world that we live in. I feel naked without a camera in my hands (or at least in my bag within easy reach). Documenting moments in time is very rewarding, and the best images are always the ones caught with the most minimum of planning.
There's always something amazing just around the next corner waiting to be imortalized..... if you know where to look.