Antonio Santillana

CCO, Operations, and marketing in Madrid, Spain

Antonio Santillana

CCO, Operations, and marketing in Madrid, Spain

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Hi, my name's Antonio, and I am the bigshot at Dandelium, a small but pretty cool Communication & Design Agency in Madrid, Spain. Since 2017, Dandelium has also been fully involved in Real Estate operations in prime areas of Madrid, leading operations and strategy as Dandelium Real Estates.

We handle all kinds of operations related to the Real Estate Industry, as well as communication, marketing, corporate strategy, web development, and design projects for our clients using our magic recipe:

  • a lot of work,
  • a generous portion of talent,
  • a pinch of common sense,
  • a teaspoon of intuition,
  • a handful of specialized expertise,
  • a splash of empathy and know-how to listen
  • and a sprinkle of metrics and sense of humor.

Let it simmer on low heat… et voilà! Oh, and don't forget to add tons of debugging and perfectionism. Our psychiatrist says that too much perfectionism is not good for our health, but our clients and their projects greatly appreciate it. It's a recipe that always tastes good.

Personally, I have a passion for chocolate and coffee - Nespresso, what else...? This is one of the thousand things that makes me most resemble George Clooney ;) - and I also love classical music [yes, Bach!], art, architecture, and technology.

Some other quirky things about me:

· I've managed to get lost while driving to my parents' house. Several times. They live six blocks away from me.

· I might be the father of the Spanish Terminator.

· I'm one of the eight men in Spain who don't like soccer.

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