Antonios Antoniou

CEO and Consultant, FRT-C in Canterbury, United Kingdom

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A financial researcher and expert on the global economy, Antonios Antoniou is considered an authority on financial matters. With a reputation for exacting attention to detail, Antonios Antoniou is a much sought-after consultant on financial matters for investors throughout the world. He holds a PhD in Applied Economics, an MSc in Accounting and Finance, and a BA in economics. In 1984, Antonios Antoniou joined the faculty at Newcastle Polytechnic (now Northumbria University), where he served for two years as a Lecturer in economics. At that time, Antonios Antoniou moved to Brunel University, where he began as a Lecturer in finance and became a Professor of finance and Head of the economics department. After 12 years at Brunel University, Antonios Antoniou accepted a position as Professor of finance and Chairman of the Department of Economics and Finance at Durham University. During this time, Antonios Antoniou provided leadership and guidance in the merger of three different academic sections to assist the university in creating a multidisciplinary business school. His accomplishments include the establishment and implementation of administrative, organizational, and governance structures for the new school. Under the management of Antonios Antoniou, Durham Business School rose from an unranked entity to a position as one of the top 20 business education institutions in Europe.

  • Work
    • FRT-C Consulting
  • Education
    • University of Sunderland