Antonio Tari

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I'm very good at mastering my work, my apps, and my systems.
Use my natural talents to their maximum potential.
Always leaned towards, always continue to learn and grow. I research for all the good solutions availaible, never dismiss anything until I know all sides.
I'm a person with passion not only to bring people together but to leverage for businesses to increase their revenues, utilizing all my programming, communication, managerial, and leadership skills. I'm very ambitious and will achieve my objectives.
- Experience in software design, architecture, and development.
- Developed (and currently on the market) various applications for iPhone, Android, Blackberry (Cascade framework), macOS, Linux and Windows.
- Extensive knowledge of Java technologies, enterprise solutions using JSE, JEE.
- Over 15 years of experience with Linux servers.
- Expertise in smartphone and desktop application development (client and server side).
- Responsible of various application projects, I have held important roles with projects using C++, Qt, QML, Objective C, python,c,etc..
- Database experience with mySQL, postegreSQL, MSSQL, graph databases such as OrientDB and others.
- Proficient in many other programming languages and styles including Python, PHP, CGI and C# among others.

  • Work
    • Software Developer
  • Education
    • Universita degli studi dell'Aquila
    • University of Miami